Fire Sticks

4 Feb

“MOM!!!! That lady has a fire stick in her mouth!!!!!”

I’m not sure how we made it five years without you seeing or noticing someone smoking, but this week you did and were VERY ALARMED by it. I tried to explain why people do this, but you still were in disbelief. I hope you always feel this way!


Truth in the Tinsel: Day 1

18 Nov

Jesus, light of the world!



We are starting a new advent series this year called Truth in the Tinsel.  It leads you through scripture with a corresponding craft the 24 days leading up to Christmas.  Abigail was SO excited about starting it, I gave in a week before Thanksgiving.  If she is excited about learning about God, why delay?

Day 1:  Jesus, light of the world!  I cut out the light ornament on my cricut and she glued a few strips of paper to it and voila.  I think it turned out SO cute!

A little bit Irish

15 Jun

We were reading your Beginner Bible before bed tonight like we usually do. We were reading the story about Jesus preparing a place for us when you loudly announced “I’m going to Heaven! I’m a Christian!!!! Oh wait, I’m a little bit Irish. Is that ok?”


I don’t even know how you know you are a little bit Irish. We don’t really observe St. Patricks day. You clearly don’t think highly of them though!


11 Apr

~  “Mom! It’s not lost. I just can’t find it.”


~  Abigail, I don’t like spanking your bottom, but you need a consequence when you do something I tell you not to do.

“My buns feels differently.”


11 Mar

You had a routine test done today to check the reflux on your kidneys. It’s painful because they have to insert dye via catheter.

The nurse asked you if you were afraid and you said “no, God is with me!”

The nurse went into the other room and you got a panicked look on your face and yelled “I still want stickers though!!!!!!!”

Forever ever?

7 Mar

“Mom, does it snow in the summer in Michigan?”


To be fair we still have have THREE feet of snow on the ground in mid-March.

60+ days of below zero temps.  Sigh.

Valentine’s Day

14 Feb


Somebody got flowers from her Daddy!